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The XtraCAD website currently experiences approximately 560,000 hits a month with in excess of 139,000 visitors per month (statistics generated by Wusage 7.0). This figure is increasing all the time. Because we are a specialized website serving a unique community, advertising on XtraCAD will give your products and services a high profile in a dedicated target market.

As XtraCAD is not a business please note that any money given is purely a contribution toward the running costs of this site and is not tax deductable. As a thank you for certain donations we are happy to display an advertisement on your behalf (should you desire) as indicated below. We will always acknowledge a donation and (when appropriate) advise of our intention to display your advertisement in recognition of such. Secure donations may be made from the link on the right.

Advert Details:
  • Top of page advertising is reserved for the site main sponsor, when applicable.
  • We offer a single size advertisement that will appear in rotation with other advertisers at the bottom of each page on the site.
    The format of the site requires users to scroll down pages to read posts, ensuring adverts are clearly seen. You can see a typical example below.
  • You can choose from different recommended donation packages to suit your needs.
  • We require a full banner ad (max. size 728x90 pixels) comprising of image and/or text, preferably on a white or transparent background.
  • Adverts must be static and may not include audio or animations.
  • An active URL link must be supplied with the submission of your advert, which we will insert as a hyperlink targetted to open in a separate window.
  • All web-ready graphics are to be supplied by you, although we can arrange for a GIF, jpeg or png artwork to be converted to a suitable web advert for a small fee.
  • Should you require something more specific than detailed above then please contact us to discuss further.

Dimensions and recommended donations:

Advert Type | Format | 1 Month Fee | 3 Month Fee | 6 Month Fee | Annual Fee
As described above | GIF, jpeg or png | US$50 | US$135 | US$250 | US$450
ditto | ditto | £30 | £80 | £150 | £270

How to proceed:

Initially email us at . We will then respond and set up a dialogue regarding your requirements. We will always send you a snapshot of a page showing how your advertisement will look before you are asked to confirm. Any advertising undertaken by us will only commence on receipt of a valid donation to the site. reserves the right to reject, discontinue, or omit any advertisement or part thereof.

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