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XtraCAD has been operating since late 2003 as an independent site where members may seek help or share their knowledge and experience. It is free to register and will always be free - why should you have to pay to do your job?

You can, however, help to keep the site running by making a secure donation towards the continual costs of domain registration, hosting, programming and administration costs. If you feel that you get some value from the site and are an individual or a company then please click on the Donate Button now and help us to help you.

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The following people have kindly made a donation towards our operating costs. Thank you very much from

Jason Hudson Flint, Texas, USA
Ken Taylor Deltona, Florida, USA
Dennis Eichers New Berlin, Wisconsin, USA
Thomas Fuller II Evansville, Indiana, USA
David Garate Buckley, Washington, USA
Alicia Belliveau Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada
Russell Keller Glendale, California, USA
Bob Qualls Louisville, Colorado, USA
Thomas Fuller II (2nd donation) Evansville, Indiana, USA
Scott Hendricks Las Vegas, Nevada, USA
David Eisman Austin, Texas, USA
Jason Hudson (2nd donation) Flint, Texas, USA
Daniel Leal Carrollton, Texas, USA
David Ronson Kyle, Texas, USA
Colin Beckmann Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Enigma Interactive Ltd Newcastle upon Tyne, England
Dan Sauble East Berlin, Pennsylvania, USA
Darren Young Garden Grove, California, USA
Darren Young (2nd donation) Garden Grove, California, USA
Westbrook Service Corporation Orlando, Florida, USA
H.B. McClure Company Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, USA
ECSI360 (Environmental Construction Services, Inc.) Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA
Darren Young (3rd donation) Garden Grove, California, USA
Wm. T. Spaeder Co., Inc. Erie, Pennsylvania, USA
Airco Mechanical Austin, Texas
Darren Young (4th donation) Garden Grove, California, USA
TDIndustries Dallas, Texas, USA
SMART Local #105 Glendora, California, USA
Critchfield Mechanical, Inc. San Jose, California, USA
EJ Deseta Company Wilmington, Delaware, USA
Darren Young (5th donation) Auburn, Washington, USA
Thomas Fuller II (3rd donation) Evansville, Indiana, USA
Ryan Singleton Tacoma, Washington, USA
Advanced Piping Design Sparks, Nevada, USA
Walton & Company, Inc. York, Pennsylvania
Intech Mechanical Roseville, California, USA

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