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Linear Nest Pipe Reports in 2014 CADmep

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Has anyone messed with these in 2014? Coming from 2012 none of our linear nest reports will not work because of the file ext change from .IRP to .LRP and the set-up format has completely changed so it's not as simple as changing the ext. Found nothing mentioning this in the help file to get started and none loaded with default build.

Darren Young:
I don't know if this is a 2014 issue...may have happened in 2013. 2013 added some functionality like including kerf size in the calculations.

Regardless, I'd advise anyone using linear nesting from 2012 to redo those reports if going to 2013/2014.

It did happen in 13 but we didn't mes with 13. I'm all for redoing the reports if I had an idea how to set them up. Be nice to even just get started, can't seem to get them to do anything.

I played around briefly with Linear Nesting Pipe Report and it seems to be missing some functionality. <--- My Bad

Today Noticed New Context Menu Option for the Linear Nesting seem its separated from the regular Report Builder, testing now

No worky :(


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