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The Ancillary costs should not always be lumped in with the items, but we should be allowed the ability to separate out each ancillary Quantity, $ & Labor.

For example, if one takes off a clevis hanger, right now one can get a report for the cost of the Clevis Hanger (Item Price List Cost) and the total cost of the Clevis Hanger AND all of the Ancillaries (Nett Item Material Rate).  But there is no way to get the separate individual ancillary quantiy/$/labor in the SAME report as the Clevis Hanger.  How many feet of threaded rod was used?  How much did it cost? Any labor? What about the attachment method? Was it an insert?  beam clamp? how many?  What did they cost?  Is there any labor associated with the attachment?  What about Nuts?  Washers?  How many are being used?  What is their cost?

I know that there are ways to find out the ancillary information, but it needs to be available in the SAME Report/Export as the Items.

I definitely agree.  Running 2 reports to get all the info and then having to do the math to separate the info is way too time consuming.

I agree.
The other issue if we must run the ancillary report is that I can't find a way to break everything in those reports. It kinda just lumps whatever... Wherever.
I would really like to have it broken in my standard total summary reports.

Also I would like to have the option to break out ancillaries in a standard "Item Data Fields" Export.

Totally agree...

Makes for interesting Excel programming scenarios when one is looking to see if there is any missing price/labor in your take-off...


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