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Oval Pricing


Oval pricing is difficult with the current way the software calculates periphery.  Currently, the software looks up oval periphery  as being =2 x width + 2 x depth  This works fine for rectangular but the periphery of oval is = short side x pi + 2 x long side - 2 x short side.    This is important because oval labor is typically figured based on the round size that oval starts as before we stretch it to oval pipe.  The system currently would calculate the same labor for 76x6 oval and 46x36 oval.  The problem is that 50" spiral would be used to make 76x6 oval and 42" spiral would be used to make 46x36 oval.   Other estimating systems give the option of breakpoints based on true periphery/stretchout or for round equivalents.  (i.e. 18" diameter spiral pipe is used to make 24x8 oval pipe or 24x8 oval and 18" spiral both have a periphery of 56.54")


It would be nice if the software would look up labor values base on the true periphery of the oval pipe and fittings or based on a round equivalent.

Create your own lookup table for labor, that's what we did and it works here.

Also, from 50" round the real oval size is 75"x 6" and from 42" round is 45"x 36"   ;)

Darren Young:
How did you make your table?

Based on full perif?  Or dim 1 width x dim 1 depth?


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