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I would like to see added funcionality for pricing the labor of insulation and liner.  The minutes per square foot to line a 8x8 elbow is way different than the minutes per square foot to line a 48x48x5' piece of duct.

I would like to see the option to distinguish between straight duct and fittings in the insulation specifications.  That way multiple liners and insulations could be setup with different labor rates.

Better yet, would be to give the option to point insulation and liner to a labor table which could then be given break points.  I attached a PDF showing how I would like to see a table setup.

Other estimating systems such as Quickpen Accubid Sheet Metal and Quote Express have that functionality, it would be great to see it added to ESTmep as well.

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I have been asking for that ability for years, Insulation Spec NEEDS to be able to differentiate between STRAIGHTS and FITTINGS... specially for us where Spiral duct gets PERFORATED Inner material and Fittings get Solid Material... with that capability I would not have to manually change Fittings ID at the end of every freaking Double Wall job...  >:(

I agree.  We run into the same issue with double wall so we have two specs, one solid, one perf and we have to do a change spec before it goes out to the plasma table.  A little added functionality would save a lot of headaches. 

We set up different sound liners in the "Insulation Material"

SL - Decoiled Straight
SL - Machine Cut Straight
SL - Fittings

All the SL have the same Cost $/(sq Ft), but each has a different F time (min)/(Sq Ft)

After a job is completely taken off (using the "generic" SL, we run a script that applies the correct SL to an item...
This will then apply the correct SL to the item...

Works like a charm...


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