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I am posting this here but this also references CADmep as well as ESTmep.
I wish there was a way to assign conditions to constraints.
This would greatly improve the functionality of the products I believe.

As it sits right now if you assign a constraint to items the items can only be used within those constraints (more of a problem in CAD than in EST). If you were to level conditions as unrestricted but base them on Constraints you could have sectionalized constraints.

For Example: Sanitary Piping.
If you set up a condition to use Cast-Iron Piping 2" and larger and Copper DWV for anything under 2" then you have a hard time placing any 2" Copper.
Now if you were to use constraints you could have Two Sections, One for Copper DWV and One for Cast-Iron. This way you can have 2" listed in both and based on what is selected at drawing time you would be able to associate either Cast-Iron or Copper.

If somehow someone from Autodesk sees this and is interested in a more in depth explanation I would be more than happy to do so.

Try Setting Cast 2" and Copper 2.25", think they may be some what your looking for?


--- Quote from: cadbob on Oct 14, 2015, 19:32:52 PM ---Try Setting Cast 2" and Copper 2.25", think they may be some what your looking for?

--- End quote ---

This is just one example,
But even with that setting it may place copper when cast-iron is required.
I think by adding the ability to do this in constraints it would eliminate the possibility of using the wrong stuff.
Now yes, there would have to be another option to "include unrestricted" or something of that sort.

I think it would be really beneficial, at least for myself... (maybe I'm alone?)

Darren Young:
The fact that there are hard and fast rules or no rules is a problem. The ability to override rules or setup ad/hoc rules would be nice.

Often, there's overlap...  2" and under is pretty standard for copper but we will go larger depending on the situation.  Qty of die-electric's need, short runs, etc.

<=4" Copper
>=2" Cast Iron


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