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We got some files to download from BIM 360 Glue and we are not able to. First it asked us to install plugins (we were using internet explorer), after installation nothing has changed. We also tried different browsers. No luck. Our IT team did not solve it either... Then PPI group tried to help and was able to get something "kind of" work but internet explorer started to crash every single time...
Anyone have experienced this?

Try to install the BIM 360 Glue Desktop application, you should be able to download files using it.
You might have it already installed, search for it.

We have this application but I am not sure how to find files there since we have a link which we used to go through browser to get the files.
Can you give me more info on this?

After you log on you should see the projects assigned to you, click the project, on the left of the screen there are three big buttons, click the third one (Models), then click the list view, and navigate to the folder where the files you want to download are, select them and right click on any to download.

Worked just GREAT!!!


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