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I'm looking for a platform to share information from our models, shop drawings, construction documents, and other various project related info with our field personnel. Most of our Foreman have laptops and Ipad. We have been using a combination of Dropbox and Bluebeam Studio to share files. It's worked out okay so far but I would really like one source for them to access the files. BIM 360 Docs seems pretty interesting and may offer what we are looking for. Has anyone been using it and what do you think? I'm also starting my first Fabrication project in Revit and it looks like it is made more for the Revit user. Please let me know your thoughts. Thanks

Doug Smith:
I am a bit surprised that there are no responses yet to your question. We are also looking into DOCS as the "one stop shop" for all project related data. We have been working with AUTODESK for a while to get a one stop shop for all information, that everyone on a project could access for their task specific needs. AUTODESK owned, through acquisition, many of the pieces to make this work. It also makes allot of sense that we stick with a single vendor for all of our design software, hoping that this direct connection would open new paths for data transfer. Less moving parts.
We are still not using DOCS as there are a few holes that we want filled before we dive in.
When/If they get our requests incorporated, we will have a fantastic tool to bring everyone together, on the same page, for all project related information.

It certainly looks impressive and you can always take the free (although limited) trial version for the duration of a single project.

In the past I have experienced project management packages that have always been managed by the main contractor and it was a requirement that all parties involved in the contract (architect, structural engineer, designer, sub-contractors, etc.) made use of it, ensuring the latest information was visible to all involved.

If you use this solely for in-house project management it would, of course, require that somebody ensured that all relevant documentation received from other sources (revised design, architect's plans, etc.) be incorporated into your works and uploaded to the docs.
People can only work to the latest information if they have access to it so it becomes an important (and on a large project time consuming) role keeping documentation current.

Josh Granger:
We use BlueBeam. We upload our drawings to their cloud, and the field workers access them with iPads. It has great linking and batching capabilities and seems to work very well.

Doug - We had a quick web meeting showing the functionality of BIM Docs yesterday. I'm wondering what the issues are that you are waiting for Autodesk to implement. We didn't like that you can't view files offline on a PC; you could only do it with the app. Not everyone in our office is going to have access to Docs. It would be nice if you could sync it to a PC.


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