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Need floor elevation to show in quick properties of Navis

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Does anyone know how to make the elevation from floor show in the quick properties?  I am able to see the sea level elevation in inches.  However the field would like to be able to click on the piece and have the elevation from the floor show up while using Navis.  For example, when I click on a piece now, I get CADmep+ Elevation: 2474,2460.  This shows me that the bottom of the duct is 2,460 inches above sea level and the top of the duct is 2,474 inches above sea level.  I would like to be able to see this: CADmep+ Elevation: 10'-6".  This would report the Bottom of the duct from the floor elevation of 194'-6" above sea level.  Does anyone know if this can be done?  Thanks in advance for your help!

Does this have something to do with a .dll file?

Last I looked, there wasn't a way for Navis to read the sections in Fabrication.  I know this was a request a while back though.

Also found this,13058.msg88727.html#msg88727

I know it works, I have been emailing with another user who has it working.  He told me how to set everything up for the quick properties, but mine still does not work.  His does...  That is why I am thinking maybe I need a file? 

Here is a picture of what the other user can see, and then one of what I see


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