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Fabrication fitting could not be made to fit...


When trying to use the "Multi-point routing" feature in Revit 2018, I get this message on particular materials:
"Fabrication fitting could not be made to fit. There were connections that could not be coupled."
Let's say I start with galvanized, it works fine.
Still in the same service and specs, starting with another material pops that message as soon as a fitting is involved.
I looks like it has something to do with the connectors and the connectivity.
Anyone had this situation?

Now I get Black straights and galvanized fittings...  ???

(EDIT - Removed all "connectivity" parameters in the connectors for this result)

If I want all black, I have to set it the default material in the specification, then reload the configuration...
Otherwise, only the straights are black and fittings are "default", in this case, gavanized.

I tested with Stainless as default and all straights get the material I set in the properties and all fittings are stainless.

I just hope this is not "by design"!?

There has to be a material carry over that I'm missing somewhere.

(Edit - see , but I appologize for the bad audio and bad accent)

Ever get this resolved?  One of the guys is having an issue and I am trouble shooting the database to help him out.

I am noticing that this is on a rolled elbow (connecting between round duct in a different Z and Y access).  It will fill with two sets of 45 elbows but would rather have two rolled elbows.


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