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Got a few questions here.
We have .dwg models and .nwd files that we constantly updating. Navis files we are downloading every day to keep them fresh. (not the best way, I know, but everyone who need to use those download .nwd's on their local drive from our bim website)
1. Once I append all those together, what is the best way to save them as? .nwf?
2. I always need to hide certain files and I need to carry them over on the next file. What is the best way to do it? I saved them as sets but cannot figure out how to export them and bring them in after new file is created.
3. What is the best way to bring updated .nwd's in existing file? delete old ones and append new ones? or create brand new file?

I would greatly appreciate your help on this. Trying to save time and make it easy

1) NWF
2) If you hide them the NWF will remember
3) Again the NWF will see the new file and load it. Have them just overwrite old one

Make sure this is checked or it will not remember. See pic

Thanks for the quick response.
What about exporting sets? If I want to make a new file and bring my saved sets in?
How can I check if the file was updated? Where can I see date and time?

In the sets window the right most Icon is import export. Way I do it. Make sure it's a search set and not a selection set

Was wondering how do you update your files. I was thinking to have someone download .nwd's everyday from the website and keep them on the server. That way people do not have download it multiple times. But when we create .nwf it looks on the server for those files and next day when we need to update them we have to close our .nwf's? otherwise it will not overwrite tthem
 Or there is another way to do it?


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