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Has anyone solved the (*)(&* generic.png speedbumps in Navis loads?


I don't mind clicking "Ignore All" once.  I really mind that it's required every time.  (Is this infantile? Yep)

We had the same issues. I found this from another forum:

I found a switch in Navisworks under options to not convert the dwg file materials.
Options, File Readers, DWG/DXF, Convert Autodesk Material
Turn off (uncheck) that option in Navisworks, then run a new nwcout from AutoCAD.

If you're the one producing the NWC's from ACAD as well, use the NWCOPT command to set this setting.

Appreciate the response, I wish it had helped manage these objects that are buried in external nwd's.  The NWCOPT command wasn't one I was aware of, so I've gained something from this exchange.

[Sept 5, 2017] I've noticed that the command is actually NWOPT.  AutoCAD will ignore the misspelling and default to the proper one. 

I already had that checked and still get this.  I will see which file it is on but thought it was DWGs.  The search continues....


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