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Anyone using BIM360 successfully?


So, I am trying to do some research on the BIM360 products and how they work exactly.
Is anyone using this successfully and able to provide insight?

Mainly I am looking to see how it would work to share drawings to field personnel to view on their tablets.
Also wondering how licensing works with that as well.
With the Design Suite/AEC Collection I believe BIM360 is included but do the personnel with tablets also have to have separate licenses?

I have been searching around for some answers and can't seem to find what I am actually looking for.

Thank you.

I have used BIM 360 glue app along with A360Drive to share NWD's with the Foreman, but typically I need to break projects down by floors, or they will not load. If you are paying for the service, I am sure that you would be able to view a complete model. I still prefer Navis for clash detection. We use Bluebeam and create a studio project to share pdf's with the field, but that is kind of clunky on a iPad, it is not nearly as user friendly as the PC version. We will also upload NWD's to the studio project to share with the field.


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