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Dynamo script for rotation


Hello guys,

I am trying to figure out the Dynamo script that I found online. For some reason, it does not work for me
Cannot select the element I need to rotate or maybe I am doing something wrong...

Started to model plumbing in Revit and some fittings need to be rotated on the axis of connecting pipe, I am fighting it

How would you work around this issue? Thanks
See attached

Darren Young:
If you post a link to an Autodesk Screencast of what you're trying to do, that may help.

As well as a link to the site that provided the Dynamo script.

Note: Dynamo packages can be published. If your script relies on a package to be installed, you'll need to manually install that package first. There is no good way currently to provide a dynamo script that automatically includes the packages that may need.

Looks like I figured it out.
I did not need any packages, just the program and a new working code
See updated script


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