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Dynamo limitations


A question for all Dynamo guru's.

We have up to now used CADmep for all our drawing requirements and have extensive Scripting that we use at the drawing stage and the Cam stage to ensure patterns are set to suit our manufacturing requirements. We also rely on changes made by these scripts to set some of our reports correctly before spooling.

We are going to be moving to Revit for a lot of our drawing requirements and I'm being told from the Projects Dept that they will have to open these files in CAD to run the scripts we use for checking before they can export the MAJ down to us the CAM/Manufacturing dept.

Browsing around the forum it would appear that Dynamo seems to be the only way to run Scripts on Revit? Is that correct? I would hate to have to re-write the extensive scripts we have just for use by the Projects dept.

Some good news from someone would be most appreciated  :'(

Darren Young:
I don't believe Dynamo will give you enough or the same control you have today with COD scripting. What they really need to to is extend the Fabrication API to Revit which they haven't done yet.


Looking at the website for Dynamo and reading Autodesk's information on it, I got the impression that it was more for design and not for manipulating ductwork items to suit individual needs. You have confirmed what I was thinking so thanks for that.

I've not had to get into the API yet, but the signs are that I will need to if I want to make changes with these programs going forward....  :-\

Darren Young:
I believe that anything you could manipulate in Revit in the core UI should be able to be manipulated in Dynamo. Without actually trying it myself, I'd run with the following assumptions based on what I know...

1) If you can't schedule it in Revit, Dynamo likely can't access it.

2) If you can't change it from the Revit UI, Dynamo likely can't do it.

3) If you can do it via the Revit API, Dynamo might be able to do it but you'd likely have to build some custom nodes.

4) If you can do it via COD Script in the other Fab products, Dynamo likely can't do it.

5) If you can do it from the Fabrication API, Dynamo likely can't do it.

Will take all your points on board..... :)


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