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Started to make spools out of Revit model with Fabrication parts and run into issues..
1. How do you dimension in ISO? I am not able to do any midpoints, barely can snap to the ends. It ssems like really time consuming task right now
2. Was not able to make my filters work to set colors for each spool.
3. Schedule that I created did not bring any data from the spool.
I used this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q6HkCIof5Zs

Your help would be really appreciated! Maybe you know good links where they show how to spool with Fabrication parts?

I don't have the liberty to watch much of that video right now, so pardon anything redundant:

1. 3D views must have their orientation locked prior to annotation and you will then have to manage your workplanes to affect where the annotations show up. I highly recommend getting a standard down that uses 3D for visuals and using 2D for dimensions and annotation, at least while you get used to Revit. You'll spin your wheels too much otherwise.

2. Since Fabrication Parts were quite new to the engine in 2016, they got view filters to work correctly on their projection lines, but not surface patterns. In other words, you can color the lines, but not fill the lines in with anything but gray. I know the video is in 2014 and it seems to work there, but those aren't fab parts. If you're in 2017 or above, let me know. Because you should be able to do what you want in that case.

3. I would estimate that something is going wrong with the schedule filters, itemization, or something else. I'd either have to see your Rvt file, or screenshots of the schedule's field/filters/sorting, etc.

I am using Revit 2018.2 Will try to use workplanes and see how it goes. Now I recalled that I was not able to do any tags either.
I save my Revit file here https://www.dropbox.com/s/vfiwftctz4ldcns/Sample%20Project.rvt?dl=0

 Thanks so much for your time and help

There's definitely some help to offer after looking at it. The video being in 2014 on Revit pipe and fittings caused some confusion.

I can post an edit of your sample and some more info later in the day, assuming that I remember to. :P

Thank you very much for taking time and looking into it. Looking forward to hear back


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