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New Dynamo Nodes for Fabrication & Example Script

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I've just published a couple of new nodes in a package called "Fabrication API". You can find it in your Dynamo package manager. Big thanks to Nathan Chapman for his DynaFabrication packages, as they provided a great starting point.

Included so far are two nodes:
The first node, "Fabrication Part Dimensions", will return an array of dimensions from FabricationPart(s). This array includes dimension names (Width, Diameter, Inner Radius, Bottom Extension, etc.), dimension values (in feet for linear dimensions and in radians for angular dimensions), as well as the UnitType of the dimension (Linear, Angular) so that you can correctly convert the dimension to inches or degrees, if need be.

The second node, "SetDimensionValue", will modify the value of a FabricationPart dimension given the zero-based index of the dimension to modify (For CID#2, the index of "Width In" is 0, the index of "Depth In" is 1), and the new value in feet or radians.

I've attached a Dynamo script that makes use of both nodes. It doesn't have much practical use, but it does provide an example of how to work with FabricationPart dimensions utilizing the two nodes.

When you run the script, you will be presented with a dialog containing a drop-down list of all the CIDs currently in use. When you select one, you'll be presented with a list of all FabricationParts of that CID, from which you can select specific parts to modify. Then you will see a drop-down list containing the names of all the part's dimensions. After selecting which dimension to modify, you get an edit box to enter the new value into. After clicking the button, the change will be made to each part you checked in the list. Afterward, depending on what you modified, Revit will likely present you with the option to disconnect parts with now invalid connection points, or to delete parts with now invalid dimensions. Thankfully though, when adjusting things like elbow extensions, Revit is smart about it and automatically adjusts the length of connected pieces.


This example script depends on the following Dynamo packages:
Fabrication API
Clockwork for Dynamo 1.x
spring nodes

Darren Young:
Nice. Thanks for sharing.

Pretty slick. I like it. It will help me with a few reporting short comings I've had with Revit.

Can I get some help using it? I don't know if there is a limitation in the CIDs you can use it on, or if I'm doing something really stupid here. I'm trying to modify a hanger in this example.

Try adding a flatten list node between the select model elements node and the set dimension node.


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