Author Topic: Draw Duct with predetermined information in the "Identity Data" fields...  (Read 267 times)

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When I draw duct with fabrication I use "Comments" and "Fabrication Notes" to organize my data that carries all the way to the field.
Right now, when I draw duct I have to go back and enter that information manually. I'll typically select a line I've drawn and then enter the information. Ex. This line is Supply Air ("comment field" ) and is part of drawing "1234". (I use the "notes" field for that)

Is there anyway to set this up to where the duct currently being drawn will already contain that information?

Ex. I know all of the duct i'm about to draw is going to be for this drawing and going to be Return Air. So, I want the following duct I'm placing to already have those fields filled with that information until I change to supply air etc etc

Is there a way for me to set that up?
CAMduct 2018/2019
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