Author Topic: Revit view range settings when looking above or below the floor  (Read 153 times)

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Looking for more efficient way to use view range settings when modeling drainage piping.
I use view range a lot to see where I need to connect to below or above the floor and very often I see fixtures that I do not want to see. For instance, if I am on level 4 I want to see fixtures only on level 4 but when I change my view range to negative view depth it will show me fixtures from level 3. The same with the walls.
Anyone have a good way to set up some constraints or rules? Those files come from architects, so maybe there is an option to set up filters for this type of scenario?
Thank you!

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Re: Revit view range settings when looking above or below the floor
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This might not be the way a Revit purest would solve this issue, but I have at times linked in a architectural CAD background for the floor above when drawing underslab piping. This way I can see the walls and structure on the floor the pipe is suspended on and still see the walls or fixtures that I need to connect to on the floor above.
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