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HETO Tap pattern

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I'm working on updating outr database to play better with Revit... our HETO's were built with CID#28... that works well in CADmep but not so much in revit as a Tap.... any sugestions on a tap pattern that i can replicate the BxC dimension with that round size?


I built ours with CID#8 and they seem to work fine. You can modify the damper to include the standoff if you want if I remember correctly.

Are you able get this CID to fill/convert to Fab in Revit?  I am trying to find a HETO pattern to use for Elgen and Flexmaster efficiency taps that Revit will recognize as a tap.

They work but you need to have separate .itms for each size.

I switched mine to Heto CID#24 to allow you to swap them in Revit.  We don't use the one's that has the smaller Rectangular end like yours but it does work in Revit if you want to try that one.  On the larger ones that have an offset I left as CID#20 and kept them as a Square to Round style. 


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