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PypeServer / Stratus Integration
« on: May 01, 2020, 17:33:31 PM »
FYI...As of PypeServer ver 3.481 and the current Stratus release, the integration is finally working well enough where I’ve enabled automatic downloading of cutlists from Stratus within PypeServer. Went back and forth for some time with defects and bugs between the two systems as well as some design changes.

3.481 has an option to updating within it so you don’t need PypeServer to update the Kiosk or Enterprise seats but we’ve have some issues installing it which I suspect are related to our internal security. They were fairly easy to work around so let me know if you run into them.
We also had issues with the Enterprise seats communicating with the Kiosk/Machine after updating that were solved by a new Firewall exception that’s needed. This will be automated in the next PypeServer release.
PypeServer is aware of my fixes and can walk you through any issues you have or just give me a holler.

Looking back at the volume of pipe we've cut over the last year, we expect this integration to eliminate over $30k annually in labor costs associated with manual programming.