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I've read up on numerous posts relating to this issue & everyone seems to get this sorted or a work around, however I cannot seem to get a satisfactory result
I have a 50mm step down to a raw edge on one end of both a transition and an #866 straight
The graphic on the takeoff view shows a correct length of 950mm for both, however when I develop the items they are both at 1000mm - 50mm too large
I think I have tried every combination possible within the connector setting, but cannot seem to get this sorted.
Shrinking the dimension by 50mm is not really an option, as we are looking to spool straight from REVIT
I've got the same issue in 2018, 2020 & 2021 CAMduct & ESTmep

Hoping someone can enlighten me as to what I am missing

I'm having the same problem. I don't think we're missing anything. From the few post that are out there is feels like this has been broken since day 1 and never fully addressed.

Been this way since the dawn of CADduct

Thought so, but I thought I 'd read on one of the forum posts somewhere that the issue had been fixed - or was this a different step down issue

If you are exporting out of Revit 2018. The drawn length with stepped ends reduces in length by 50mm or 100mm if stepped both ends within CAM, EST & FAB.

The fix as you mentioned, fixed this issue in 2019 and onwards. Whatever gets drawn in Revit, exports out at the correct length.

However, the length value within CADmep is still reporting 50mm shorter. The pattern development is correct. As a workaround, CAD users punch in the length value minus the stepped end. 1000mm would be 950mm. The developed pattern would make a 1000mm duct including the 50mm stepped end.


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