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Filter items in CAD from Stratus custom properties

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Is there a way to do a "Mapfilter" or "Selectfilter" command for custom properties? Say in CAD I want to isolate all items in a specific Package, can I do a filter based on the "STRATUS Package Name" property? 

Not sure you can do Custom Data with MAPFILTER but you can add Custom Data to SELECTFILTER

YES!!! It worked! Thank you very much!

Joe Kuhr:
If you add the Custom Data field to your CADmep List (see attached) you can also use LISP to make the selection.

--- Code: ---(defun c:SelectStratus( / STRATUS)
(command "undo" "m") ;_undo mark
(setq STRATUS (ssget "X" (List (Cons 300 (getstring T "Enter STRATUS Package Name: "))))) ;_creates selection from user input.  Note, this is case sensitive.
(command "zoom" "object" STRATUS "") ;_zoom to selection
(sssetfirst nil STRATUS) ;_Select selection
);_end defun

--- End code ---

Has anyone tried to package in CAD and push up to Stratus?

In theory, this would streamline the process and would avoid extra model uploads.

Stratus is kicking back on certain CAD items, it would be much quicker to fix it in cad without having to re-upload only to have Stratus complain again.

Edit: I just added "test" to the 'stratus package' data field on a piece and uploaded to Stratus. It didn't take.


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