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Darren Young:
Anyone got any good tips on Riser packages (from Revit).

Scope boxes for the Riser seem like a good way but they're not typically defined at the beginning of the project. As such, the detailer generating them would need Project Admin permissions to import the area in Stratus and set it up.

I really don't want to give Project Admin to all users as I then can't enable/disable other areas of functionality for them (trade specific filters/reports, etc.).

Can you control the contents of the package by worksets?

Maybe create a riser number parameter that the detailer would fill in with the contract riser number? Then create rule in your filter on Stratus based off of that parameter. Maybe have a company standard prefix also in the parameter so that the rule and filter would work across different projects?

Darren Young:
To be Clear...I'm talking about a "Stratus" riser package from Revit. (hence the post in the Stratus forum)

Stratus can read levels and scope boxes from Revit. Those can be assigned to "Areas" in Stratus so that parts are automatically able to be filtered and added to a Package (In Stratus) that's named per the area.

To setup Areas in Stratus, you need to be a Project Admin. So it's been requested to give all detailers Admin access which means nothing else in the UI can be filtered or enabled/disabled based on their role.

Ideally these would be setup ahead of time by a project lead but they want to create them AdHoc and have each detailer do this. I'd like to not give Project Admin permissions to absolutely everyone.

Sorry, I was under the impression that you had access to your Revit parameters in Stratus. It appears that you don't. So ignore my previous comment.


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