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Darren Young:
There is access to Revit parameters in Stratus. But I'm asking about best workflows that leverage the intended Revit/Stratus interoperability.  A "package" is a real thing in Stratus...it's not just a property associated with an object.

Alright Darren, I'm going to try one more time then I'll leave you alone. Haha. I figured out how to access the parameter I created in Revit in Stratus. I then created a filter and deliverable definition in Stratus. Added the deliverable definition to the project I wanted. I then went to my deliverable tab for that project and hit Generate deliverables. It generated packages for all of the content that I applied the Riser number to in Revit.

I believe this will get you what you are looking for. The detailer does not need Admin Rights, the package is automatically generated, and your package name will include the area abbreviation if you add it to your package naming convention. You have a lot more experience than me in Stratus however, so please shoot holes in my logic because it will help me in the long run.

Forgot to mention I did bring in my scope boxes and levels in at the beginning as well so the filters for areas were automatically generated.

Darren Young:
That sounds feasible. Just not sure when I'll get time to get that far.

Is there a process issue here too? The riser parts would be in an eligible scope box for normal deliverables. I would think the riser parts would have to be assigned to a riser package prior to the rest of the floor.

It was explained to us that the same part can not exist in two packages of the same category. So thinking you would want to also make sure your package categories are the same so you aren't doubling the BOM for the riser parts.

Hi Darren, yes i did see that this is in relation to Stratus and from what i know in Stratus and Revit resulted in my reply. Davids comment is valid re: a unique reference. I dont have a current working solution, and noting that you do not want to give admin rights. I would look at getting the users to make the risers into an assembly, this would take care of the unique name and you can assign assemblies into a package within stratus.


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