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In ESTmep is there a way to automatically change duct size that's lined, without having to go line by line? I have a job that I took off lined and now they don't want liner so now I have to go back line by line changing the size of the duct.
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It works the same in cad as it does estmep. revdesign the line and change the constraints. Be careful though cause equipment and dampers etc. wont repopulate so you will have to change those manually or re-add them in design line.

There's another method that automates the duct size by setting your lining to inside dims within the lining properties. Its initially an airway size workflow.
If you do go down this path, keep these settings out of the fab shop. Mixing up the 2 databases will increase or decrease the duct size as it changes from inside dims to outside dims.

Thank you guys for the help. I'll give it a try.

Scripting is also a fast way to do it...


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