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Air outlets sizing in Designline


Dear all,

I need to get only my standard diffuser sizes (6x6", 9x9", 12x12", etc.) on my design line. At present it is giving the diffuser size as same like the branch duct size.

Also, I would like to configure the diffuser sizes to the respective air flows.

For Example, 0 - 150 CFM on 6x6" Diffuser, then 151 - 300 CFM on 9x9" Diffuser..

After long struggling, I have created my own designline mode with required friction factor. But I am unable to edit/configure the grille sizes in designline.

Please help me experts.

Thank you.

I don't think the software will size like you say in fabrication.  Scripting is a way that I solved this issue.

Since you are using designline, part of the work is already there.  I don't know if designline stores the cfm in the air device though.

I was setting different variables/sizes based on the CFM.  Here is a sample.  Neckinput was the size of the inlet on the air device.  I concatenated it with more text in a different customdata field to get 6" NK to fill out my air device tags.

--- Code: ---if CFMINPUTI < 241 then
   item.dim["Width"].value = 24
   item.dim["Depth"].value = 24

if CFMINPUTI < 136 then
   item.dim["Width"].value = 24
   item.dim["Depth"].value = 24
--- End code ---


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