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Revit 2022 missing export MAJ fabrication file functionality

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Revit 2022 seems to be missing the functionality to export MAJ fabrication job files.

Becareful about updating your files as you might just lose the ability to export jobs for fabrication. There is no available download for Revit extension MEP fabrication 2022.

Autodesk needs to get their head on straight, this is a mighty big oopsy

Yeah they said this was left out of the build by accident and will be added as an update in a few weeks.

I think the fabrication add ons in Revit are always released a few weeks later...kinda silly

Darren Young:
Here's how to enable them until Autodesk releases the 2022 update....

I've setup a Revit 2022 version on my station to do some testing and I don't seem to be missing any functionality for Fab parts. I did install the recently released extension, but as per Darren's blog post the export functionality is "supposed" to be missing but I seem to have it without doing any modifications.


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