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To give you some background, I have been using CAMduct consistently now since 2013. Before then I had used the software back when MAP owned the software for a couple of years. So i have a pretty good knowledge on this package. I also dipped my feet into the CADmep side as its quite similar and have sorted a lot of issues I seen were setup wrong over the years from various people coming and going within the company. CAMduct & CADmep share the same database.

Now I have been asked to help our Estimating department as they are getting bogged down with work. They run off a separate database from the CAM & CADmep. This was setup by MAP decades ago, due to something that wasnt working correctly with the straights or might have been with the 866 pattern.

I know combining the databases is a colossal task and I don't have the time or resource to even tackle this at the moment. All I want is to be able to quicken the Estimating up.

One thing I've noticed firstly that they still use a digitizer, which does look like quite a quick process rather than scrolling round a screen. So first question, are these still supported by Autodesk as it seems legacy. Is there any benefit to upgrading to a new board?

Next issue I've came across, is that they don't use design line at all, is this the way to go?. I dont know when this was implemented and I'm still digging but it seems there has been a serious lack of training within this department so they have been missing updates. Can a digitizer be used this way?

I'm looking for any good sources anyone has to improve my knowledge of how EstMep works or any tips that may head me in the right direction :)

I know the digitizer function is still built into ESTmep, but I have never seen any documentation on it. When we switched to ESTmep we ditched our digitizers.
We use designline for 99+% of the estimating takeoff.
I don't believe you can use the digitizer for designline as the digitizer is just hotkeys and if you have a board then tracing straights.
The ESTmep help file would be a good start for you, it's not all encompassing but it does cover quite a bit.

Applied Software (or the guys who work(ed) for Applied) put out a Fabrication ESTmep Fundamentals book some time ago.  If you search for it on Amazon, it goes for $125.  I can't vouch for it as I never read it, but the three guys who wrote it are definitely experts.  The book is from 2015, but alas, should be up to date because NOTHING has changed since then.  >:(

Also, I'm a strong believer in Design Line.  It takes a little work to setup, and I don't think it's any faster than the digitizer (and if you're not careful can bog you down because you suddenly find yourself designing instead of estimating, tsk tsk), but making changes is easier, your results are more accurate, and we've had success bringing some design lines into CAD on jobs we've won.


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