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CID#866 Oversized (standard length and one being the remainder) How to do this?


Struggling to do This. Hope somebody can help
When creating oversized parts (Length) from CID#866. I want where the length does not fit on a standard sheet, the part to breaks into two or more straights with duplicated connectors (being x standard length, and
one being the remainder) instead of being split and joined by an oversize seam.

We accomplish this by using CID#35, give that a shot. example, I can enter 200" as the length and it creates 3 lengths at 59" and 1 at 23"

I have been able to get CID#35 to do a long duck and break in smaller components(Attached screen captures). But can only see it in the item properties development. I don't know how to get it to Develop for folder or nest. I think it has to do with the Cut Type. It is currently set as decoiler.


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