Author Topic: Item Criteria E-Tag Locking with Design Lines  (Read 1154 times)

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Item Criteria E-Tag Locking with Design Lines
« on: Aug 26, 2021, 15:34:10 PM »
Good Morning,
We have been using a set selection of Criteria when completing takeoffs to reference back to drawings/P&IDs/etc. after we have completed our takeoffs and the job moves to the mobilization phase. One of these criteria is Equipment Tag. We use it to reference any item callouts from P&IDS, a majority of this is for valves with unique tags.

Our process is to set up the design line with all criteria filled out before starting the line, with Equipment Tag Left blank. Once this is complete, we draw our design line, and drop in our valves in their proper location on the design line. From here, we will select the valve, go to its item properties, and select the proper E-Tag for it, and close out of the Item Properties window. This allows our valves to have all the same Criteria as the rest of the design line it is a part of, with the addition of an E-Tag that is unique to it.

However, we run into issues when a change needs to be made to the design line. Any additional valves drawn in, or changes to the design line that force the line to be redrawn and re-filled in 3D will cause that valve to have its E-Tag revert back to an empty entry, to match the rest of the design line entry criteria.

Is there a way to have this E-Tag value stay locked to its entered value regardless of changes made to the design line, once a value has been populated into it? Or is there a better method to be followed?

Thank you for your help, I apologize at the length of this post.