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I am really at a loss on this one.

I cannot get my round taps to fill with our purchased items. I can get them to fill with STO's that we would fabricate but cannot get the others to fill. I do not think I am missing anything inside my button mapping because I can get our manufactured items to fill so I am aware at how to label the buttons map the direction to it. I have created a product list with these taps that seems to include all the dimensions that it can have. Furthermore, I have done that with 4 different CID's to make sure that the program didn't like one better than the other with no luck there either.

The reducers both above and below are catalogued items from a product list as well as the long sweep elbow at the bottom, so I know that it will fill from a product list.

I have no idea what to try next in finding a solution.

Any ideas?

Need a little more information.
What CID are you using?
What is the exact Button Code sequence?
What are the sizes you are trying to attach to/from?

CID's tried were #8, #28, #34. Also tried #29 but that fitting is centered. CID #8 will fill when it's a "normal" ShapeChange (Square to Round) so I'm pretty sure it's not the CID...? Maybe something in the geometry of the product list?

I'm making sure that the duct I'm attaching to is at least 16" deep and am only trying to attach STO's up to 12"Ø.

Attached are the specific button codes. The three different items are the three different catalogued fittings created from the three different CID's I've tried.

Our y_STOM (STO-Manufactured) will work correctly if included in fill but as soon as I exclude it then I get nothing. The bottom attachment is just that, our manufactured STO's...

So, I may know what issue you are facing.
For us, I made what we call "HETO"s using CID#8. When product listing these items they would not fill in designline. So what I had to do was separate them out buy the branch size. Essentially having one .itm for every runout size then nesting those into one button.
Make sure you still catalogue the item also even though it's not product listed.


--- Quote from: cnash on Oct 19, 2021, 12:22:47 PM ---Make sure you still catalogue the item also even though it's not product listed.

--- End quote ---

Can you elaborate on this? I thought when I catalogued an item it automatically made a product list?


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