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I am back to working on getting my ancillaries functioning properly in Revit and think I may need some guidance.  I have a really good understanding of how these are setup and work in CADmep but I have a couple questions on how they function in Revit.  Not sure if there is anyone that may be able to help me through this?
for instance: once a hanger  (itm.) is modeled in Revit, I can highlight it and get the Default text at the top of the rod.  When I click on the default text I get a drop down of my ancillary kits, but I get all the kits for all the rod sizes.  Is there a way to just get the kits with the same rod diameter as the modeled hanger?  Like only 3/8" rod diameter kits for say a 2" line sized clevis hanger?

Darren Young:
I don't think so. Ancillary Kits are how they allow you to override rod size so I'm not sure how you'd filter out alternate rod sizes.

Let  me ask this then; once the support is modeled, does the support store any data as far as what it is attached to?  So if I model a hanger and it snaps to the deck above because it is structure, then the hanger recognized the structure above in order to snap to it.  And if I was to model a piece of Unistrut above the hanger rod then I can click on the hanger and it will shorten the rod and attach to the Unistrut as it recognizes it as structure also.  If I could access this data inside the hanger then I could filter, sort, and assign the correct ancillaries fairly easily.  Almost like using the old "structure types".  This would all just seem to hinge on pulling the structure data from the hanger.  Any thoughts if this is even possible?


--- Quote from: Darren Young on Dec 23, 2021, 17:01:45 PM ---I don't think so. Ancillary Kits are how they allow you to override rod size so I'm not sure how you'd filter out alternate rod sizes.

--- End quote ---

I was hoping by using the breakpoints highlighted below in the ancillary kit that I could build one common kit that would breakout the appropriate rod diameter pieces based on the hanger rod size.  So for side beam clamps, using the breakpoints in the kit I would include the correct sized pieces based on the pipe size I am hanging.  Automatically of course... ;D

It is possible to access the data, but it is not easy, you need some Dynamo knowledge, python (or C#) and some other tools like the Revit Lookup to find and pull what you need. We spool hangers based on those tools but it requires to change the way your spooling team works and also dedication to the scripts, because like everything else in Autodesk is very buggy and requires constant fix


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