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Parameter Only Assemblies in Stratus


Darren Young:
Anyone using parameter only assemblies in Stratus? Where Stratus Publish does NOT make a Revit Assembly but merely keeps track of them via parameters?

Curious how well that's been working.

We seem to have reoccurring issues with failed Publishes during the import stage when too many changes have been make to existing spools. I suspect the Publish is trying to add parts to a new/existing assembly before it removes if from the old assembly causing issues in Revit.

The Parameter only assemblies will make the Revit model smaller, publishes faster and eliminate this issue. But it also removes a layer of visibility and protection of user messing with those spools in Revit.

We are assigning a specific spool package name to a shared parameter so that when published to Stratus the Fabrication Team can filter by that parameter to know what is included within that package that is ready to be released. The Fabrication Team then utilizes the tools within Stratus to break up that package into manageable pieces with input from the field & PM.

I think that is what you are asking about.


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