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Help accessing hanger ancillary info in Revit

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I am looking to extract my hanger ancillaries using Dynamo.  I notice when I use the Snoop add-In on my hanger, I get a list of what looks to be many hidden parameters. See attachment 1

If I expand the "Get Part Ancillary Usage" line, I get the list shown in attachment 2

This looks promising as it references all the pieces that are in the set ancillary to that chosen hanger.  Any ideas on how I can access this list through Dynamo? I am thinking:
choose hanger elements
look for the parameter named " Get Part Ancillary Usage"
List these parameters
write each parameter to a new set of Shared parameters that I can then write in a schedule???

I cobbled something together quickly to get you started. You should be able to build off of it to make it your own. If I have more time later on, I will try to supply you with a more finished product, but don't hold your breath. Haha.

Thanks for the head start!  I am going to see what kinda trouble I can get into with it... ;D  I will make sure to post any progress I make to help out the next guy.

acad2015 - I started working with the custom node but I am encountering a naming error in line 38. I tried a few things but I could not seem to get it to work properly.  Any chance that you could just see if it is something basic I am just overlooking?  Other than that everything is working good....

Here you go. I fixed it. This will get you the Ancillary Ids. It's not very useful as it is, but hopefully it will shed some light on how to access that data.


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