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Help accessing hanger ancillary info in Revit

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acad2015 - Just to report back.  Thanks again for the help.  i have moved along to gather and place all the ancillary properties into shared parameters which I set.  Everything is working well.  Now I have to brush up on my Python, as I believe this is where I need to look next.  Since every element (hanger) can have a different number of ancillaries, I think I want them to output from the code block in two lists, grouped by element.  So hanger 1 --> ancillary list 1, Hanger 2 --> ancillary list 2, and so on.  then I should be able to just report by index from the ancillaries per hanger.  Again, thanks for the huge push in the right direction  :)

So I tried taking acad2015's code and adding a sub list to get the Ancillary Ids per element but I am getting an error. Can anyone see where I am going wrong here?

Change    Ancillaries = []
for          Ancillaries = list()

Thanks Axl.  That did it for sure...  So now we have reported one of the 6 pieces of data I need from each ancillary. I am thinking now I have to replicate the script, altering for each of the 6 pieces of data I need.  then a massive sort/group to get all the data into the correct shared parameter. :)
Thanks again to acad2015 and Axl for all the help so far.  I will make sure to post the final script/node when completed.

Not to beat this ancillary thing to death, but is there a way I can pull the ancillary kit name instead of the actual pieces in the kit?  By ancillary kit name I mean the name of the kit I choose in the drop down at the top of the hanger rod where it comes in as Default? 


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