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Trying to come up with a report to calculate the square foot of selected duct for leak testing.  I have "Item Duct Area (With Seams)" and "Item Duct Area (No Seams)" and the value is not correct.  I would think the "No Seams" parameter is the one I want to use.  If I select a 12X12 12"L piece of duct it tells me the sq ft is 3.17 when it should be 4.  Is there a magic switch somewhere to make it calculate correctly?

What I find best when troubleshooting SM reports, place an item and clear out the item of all connectors, seams, specs, material etc. Run the report on just the shape and then slowly add things back to the item to pin point what's causing the value to change. Doing this on the size your running, I'm able to report out 4sqft. Then you can start looking at the breakpoints on things causing the value to change.

For a quick down and dirty, I have in the past made an insulation and put it in it's own Group call SqFT with no values (ie: no thickness, etc.) I Multi Property Edit and add the External no thickness insulation and then run a square foot report on that material. ;)

If you have any wastage factor set in your database it will affect the area.

I appreciate all the replies.  It appears to be deducting the turnover for the connectors.  If I make it raw or none I get the correct sq. ft. of 4.  I'm guessing it's a bug in the database as I don't see anywhere to turn that off.  I don't have any waste factor in our database. 


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