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Writing back into elements with Dynamo

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So I have worked up a dynamo script to take my Unistrut hangers and round them up to the next even dimension.  It is great to see this, but I would love to know if there is anyway I can use Dynamo or probably Python, to write this new dimension back into the hanger so it would adjust to the new rounded off dimension? 

Fabrication package lets you write back dimension by index value

Thanks so much for the quick response.  This looks promising. 

Wondering if you guys see this at all?  When I model a Unistrut trapeze all the dimensions appear good except these rod offsets come in at this crazy long number..  Always the same number.  I checked my itm in my database and these fieldsare set to SAME and  AUTO.  Seems to work fine until recently.  Any suggestions??

instead of auto .... set it to a number ... we use 1" .and strut extension @ 2".. i am not a fan of ''auto'' for anything in fab ... most of the time i dont know how it figures auto

just a suggestion


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