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Writing back into elements with Dynamo

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Thanks for the suggestion.  I was going to give it a try and see if this works out better.  It just seemed weird that this has been working for us in Revit up until just lately.

I usually have very long lengths when there is no structure at the top of the hanger, maybe you can check that

Thanks Axl.  I will test that for sure.  These hangers did not have structure above so you may be onto something here....


--- Quote from: edsharp on Mar 08, 2022, 01:51:29 AM ---instead of auto .... set it to a number ... we use 1" .and strut extension @ 2".. i am not a fan of ''auto'' for anything in fab ... most of the time i dont know how it figures auto

just a suggestion

--- End quote ---
I did as suggested and changed the offset values of my .itm in my database to actual dimensions.  I used 1" for both and this seems to have cleared up the issue.  Thanks for the advice.


--- Quote from: PipeFitter72 on Mar 04, 2022, 16:22:07 PM ---Fabrication package lets you write back dimension by index value

--- End quote ---
I have no doubt that this node is just what I need to feed the new rounded off dimension back into my Unistrut hanger.  As I understand this, the  DimValue would be the new dimension I am looking to insert, the FabricationPart would be the element I am looking to insert it into, and the DimIndex would be the index number of the FabricationPart in the list I am looking for?  I am kind of stumped as to where I would output this node to?  Or am I way off here.....


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