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Get parameter value by name

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If the "id" code in the PRODINFO matches the "id" code in the item product list and both descriptions fields are filled in, then it should show, but as you said, Revit some times is not able to see it, if it is that the case, then you need to use the script code in the option 2 the code bypasses Revit and ask directly PRODINFO but it has to be correct if you want it to work.

I usually match the fields, "Description" and "Source Description" because some reports uses one and other reports uses the other field, this will also make your script easier.

EDIT: Also you need to "Reload Services" after any change to prodinfo or the items, in case you didn't know that.

Prodinfo.map should be in the Database folder.
Why don't you create a Revit Schedule and bring across every available Parameter. That will tell you what is working and what is not.
Always keep an excel copy of the prodinfo, populate this and copy/paste the cells into the prodinfo editor. Paste into the green line after the last entry.

Thanks AXL and madcad for the help.  I was able to get the info I needed out of the editor finally.  I had some ID numbers incorrect.  :(  Now after going through this experience in the product info editor, I see where I am going to have a few questions on how you guys are setting up your hangers for Revit.  But this is for a new thread.....


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