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Darren Young:
Anyone care to comment on their current satisfaction level with eVolve?

Darren Young:
56 views. No comments. If you're not comfortable making a public statement (pro or con) feel free to ping me directly. All responses will be kept confidential.


I'd comment if we used it. What's driving the ask? Not particularly thrilled, struggling, wonder if there is something better, writing a product review?

We have had evolve for a few months.  In that time I have only used it a few times.  This is mainly due to the fact that our largest job that hit just as we got the software was based in 2019 and not worth trying to upconvert.

What I like the few times I have used it so far. 

Their .maj export tool is simply better than the stock exporter due to the fact it will then warn you if you try and export the same parts again.

The annotation tools are way above Revits tool.  Revit as we know has the one tool and you have to change from annotation to annotation manually.  Evolves way of having a tool for most of the common annotation simply makes tagging my drawing faster.

Their numbering tool is also much better than what I have been using.  It is nice that it keeps track of the last number used.  Granted their is some stupid glitches here.  For instance if I change to a different floor that had it last number used as 590 the numbering on a new floor should start from 1 again not 591.  However this is easy to fix.

I really like the the hanger tool also.  However I have not had to use it yet.  Still being able to add your shops hanger specs and have it auto fill your drawing is much better than manually placing each hanger.  Granted I have noticed when testing you still need to double check the hanger placement.  This also leads to trapeze hanger placement.  While I do not find this as useful for Duct systems I do find it very nice for certain piping system and if you are adding racks of electrical conduits.  The simple fact that it can autofill up to a 4 tier trapeze hanger makes it really nice for pipe and electrical systems.

I really have no use for the sleeves function but I suspect that has more to do with the area I work in not really needing them.

Some of the quick tools are helpful some not so much.  For instance I find their Reconnect Element tool to be a touch stupid compared to Victaulic's Any Connect Tool.

I am sure their is more but honestly I suck at typing what I am thinking and I am supposed to be working......  Any other questions, let me know I will try and answer it as best I can.

Darren Young:

--- Quote from: davidratx on May 19, 2022, 01:05:18 AM ---I'd comment if we used it. What's driving the ask? Not particularly thrilled, struggling, wonder if there is something better, writing a product review?

--- End quote ---

At the point where we really should add more licenses. But given a growing list of challenges and frustrations, I'm really having a hard time committing. Want to make sure my thinking isn't in a silo.

They have some great tools. But it seems like development is stalled and some of the recent organizational changes have created a bit of instability in the product. Perhaps it's PTSD from past baggage of Autodesk's virtually abandoned Fabrication Parts implementation strategy in Revit that's giving me a bit of DejaVu.

Trying to wrap my head around if I should stay the course and ride out the rough waters hoping there's calmer waters ahead or if I should start looking for other passing ships perhaps more sea worth and hitch a different ride.


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