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We've been a user since the beginning when it was just renumbering tool.  I think overall it's a good addin.  I understand all too well about the staff and company changes being a concern.  I've been down that road with other software and it was not pleasant.  My problem with it is the changes and new features aren't well documented.  We don't have unlimited resources like some larger companies do, and when we are really busy it's tough to dive deep into new workflows and settings.  I think it's becoming a bit bloated with settings all over the place and how to implement them on all the workstations.  It's possible I may be missing something easier there because of how busy we have been.  It would be nice if they would have a webinar for users when a new tool comes out beyond just the quick 1 or 2 minute overview they would give in the monthly meeting.

I have a weird perspective as I'm still in autocad but I have spent the last 6 months doing support for a user with the evolve tool set. I have used the suite but I am not a full time revit person yet.


Every name I knew that used to work there seems to be gone

Development seems to have stalled out a bit

The price for the suite seems to be getting higher every year without adding a whole lot of new features

Some of the UIs are not intuitive for even experienced cad and revit users


Their online documentation with videos covers a lot of the big items in their suite. I have not seen this level of support in another product

If you have users that need to transition from CAD to Revit, I find this suite to be the best solution. They have maintained a similar "feel" of the older TSI tool sets. I'm pretty sure the annotation icons are literally the same .ico files

Their origin and value pack databases are simply laid out and offer a nice 80% solution for anyone that needs to get moving quickly and build out a dept.

Summary: If you need something now with decent documentation and built in work flows it's a good decision. However I view these add in sets like foreign energy. Use them to get to a point where you no longer need them and cut it off. These should serve as a jumping point to start doing dev within your org and build your own code base. Whether that is sub'd out or internal is case by case. But every business does thing's a certain way. It's what makes them unique. Their ERP and Dev/Ops implementation should reflect that.

We have had it for about a year or so.  I just started using it in the last couple of months.  Haven't dove into all of the tools yet but it has helped this old AutoCAD guy with the transition.

I can't remember the exact price but it seemed to be pretty hefty from what I remember so that is an issue. 

I guess, call me insufficient experience to give a full review yet.

Tye Austin:
I am definitely feeling pluses and minuses.   We don't seem to get much support on things like database issues...  I have to deal with Foresite which so far just causes wasted time for us.

Also, I am struggling now with Trimble.   CAD had the Field Point Viewer that you could use to manage and append files so you can keep your control separate or combine points from multiple files...   Cannot figure out how to do this with the eVolve Trimble export tool.

On the other hand, the Workset Manager and Filter tools are pretty amazing.  And the quick tools palate has tools that save me a ton of time modeling and coordinating.

We switched to BIMrx after a few months....

Was not happy with it.


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