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Trying to figure out how to adjust the hole burned when we have a collar on an end cap, or collar on a linear diffuser plenum.  There is no option for hole adjust I've tried adding in the dynamic hole adjust on the connector with no luck.  Just want the hole to oversize by 1/8".  I also checked pattern options nothing seems helpful there.

My best thoughts on this are :

1) use CID#26. For just an end cap select Not Cut on parts 1 and 2. (I have not spent the time to see if this can be script controlled or not).

2) Oversize the hole in opus.

3) Oversize the hole in item takeoff and train your guys that if the hole says 8-1/8'' that it's an 8'' collar.

CID#31 is an end cap w/ an adjustable hole


--- Quote from: RickD on Aug 04, 2022, 20:47:01 PM ---CID#31 is an end cap w/ an adjustable hole

--- End quote ---

Thanks that works great.


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