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Swap Out Straight Saddles for Conical Saddles


When I draw a straight saddle how come my conical saddle is not an option to swap it out.  With my straight taps of rectangular I can swap them out with conical taps.  Is this a button mapping issue or does something else control this.  Also if I do a change size command it changes my conical taps to straight taps.  Does this have to do with priorities of button mapping?  Lastly when there are a few fitting that I want set to exclude from fill I change it in cad but the setting does not stick in revit.  I can exclude the entire tab but not individual pieces.

I wasn't aware that Fabrication for Revit was available on version 2010 per your footer lol.

Seriously though, your first question about not being able to swap out is something that I am seeing when trying to swap clevis hanger for a roller hanger.  Same pattern so it should show in the pallet.

For the exclude from fill not sticking on specific parts, are you reloading the database after you make the changes?  Mine are sticking in 2020.

That footer is to old to change now so I am sticking with it. :D.  I have elbows that can swap out for each other and they are different CID's so I am not sure what controls items to be swapped for each other.  I will have to test the exclude from fill in another version year.  Currently I am having the issue with 2022.


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