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exporting data to Excel

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When exporting data from Revit to and Excel sheet using a Dynamo node, is it possible to keep the format of the sheet you are importing into?  I have tried everything I know of with no luck.  I would like to set up spacing, sorting, formatting in my sheet and reuse it every time I import data into that sheet.

You might be better served making a macro in excel to format the document after you've loaded the data.

Thanks for your advice.  I will see how that works. :)

I agree, formatting is not possible with the export to Excel block in Dynamo, you will need a python code block and script it yourself, the process is very verbose to the point of not worth it, https://xlsxwriter.readthedocs.io/format.html

You could try importing into a tab in the excel workbook that is not your view tab and bring that data over to your view tab in a specific format.


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