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Elevation Tags Will Not Tag Fittings and Elbows

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How can i get the eVolve elevation tags to tag elbows (square) and fittings? Just gives me a question mark. The properties of these ducts have elevations but it won't show in the tag. Straight duct works fine.

Update: I had to switch the Label text to read from the Top/Bottom parameter instead of the Top Elevation/Bottom Elevation in the family.

Be careful the Top/Bottom fields include the insulation in the elevation.  I believe this was on the the list to be added to evolve.

I am having the same issue and I tried your solution, dbanker.  However, it appears that I cannot edit the eM duct tags.  Is there a way to gain permission to edit?

Edit:  I think I figured it out.  If I choose Load into Project instead of Load into Project and Close, it gives me an option to override the current version.

They set the folder to read only for some reason.  Check the properties on the families folder, see the image attached.

I been using Evolve for a few years and I did put in a request to tag elbows and fittings. I do believe it is in the pipeline to be added.


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