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Darren Young:
Anyone have a clue what the different types of assemblies are?

I have "Assembly" assemblies.
I have "Spool" assemblies.
And I have "Custom" assemblies.

In Stratus, you just create an "Assembly" (spool). There's no distinction. So not sure what they're using to classify these.

The great one has a question...... Hope this helps


Type - The assembly type is detected as one of the following:
Assembly - if AssemblyType.RevitAssembly = Assembly, used with Revit or unspecified models
Conduit - if AssemblyType.RevitCustomMark = Conduit, used for models that include Bendworks items
Custom - if AssemblyType.RevitParameter = Custom
Family - if AssemblyType.RevitNestedFamily = Family
Hanger - if AssemblyType.RevitHanger = Hanger, used for models that include HangerWorks items
Spool - if AssemblyType.CADmepSpool = Spool, used with AutoCAD models
Unspecified - if AssemblyType.Unspecified = Unspecified
Assembly Name - The Assembly Name column displays the assembly name, a link to edit the assembly name, and a link to the Assemblies > Viewer tab.  For edit assembly name permission, check Edit Assembly Properties under Admin > Company > Project Roles > Assemblies > Dashboard.

Assembly Name - Displays the assembly name.

Edit - Click the assembly name to edit the name.

Darren Young:
Saw that. They just updated it per my Support Ticket. ;-)

But thanks for the forward.

Still seems unclear to me. What happens if you have Nested Revit Families, Conduit/Wireworks and a Dewalt Hangerworks hanger on a combined assembly?

They don't address what "Type" will be displayed in multiple of those conditions are true. 


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