Author Topic: Fill Between 2 Ends uses Designline, or not?  (Read 1951 times)

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Fill Between 2 Ends uses Designline, or not?
« on: Aug 26, 2022, 16:42:48 PM »
 I'm trying to figure out what nodes the F2E command is using to fill the gap...
I know I can display the designline and display the nodes while in the designline module, but how can I know what node CADmep is looking for with the F2E command?
 Seems like it gathers its instructions elsewhere.... but where?
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Re: Fill Between 2 Ends uses Designline, or not?
« Reply #1 on: Aug 26, 2022, 21:56:41 PM »
F2E should give you this dialog box. Yes will use Design Line, No will use the older method. The older method does not use DL. If you have selected Don't Show This Message Again, it will default to the Yes (DL) method. As far as what node it selects, I would assume it selecting the node from the 2 items you select.
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