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Anyone try out the custom reports yet in the new 6.0 release? If you figured it out, do you have a masters degree in rocket science? This format is really difficult to navigate just to create a simple report...my head is spinning... ???

Haven't looked at them yet but wondering if they will discuss this at MEPforce in a couple of months.

Glad it's not just me thinking the same thing.  I installed it yesterday and thought they said it was coming with fab reports created from the eVolve DB.  I don't see any reports to start with which would help to get a handle on it.  I think eVolve is getting carried away with all the custom settings and the documentation isn't very good. 

I didn't see anything about reports on the MEPForce agenda.

You are correct on both accounts.  They mentioned having sample reports for us to refer to.

I was hoping (maybe even suggesting) they would add a report class.

All of these add ons, work arounds, and just general issues with Revit continuously reminds me that Revit isn't ready for us.  Autodesk has been stealing money from us for far too long.  I am going to add this to my signature line.

Post some screenshots of it.

Is it actually needed though? Their hands are also still tied to the API data Autodesk allows them access to. There is a whole lot of data that can be extracted in Fab Reports, Worksheets, Exports that cant be access via API. So aside from a different UI to report parameters, what is this new reporting tool doing?

This was a concern I had years back with eVolve. They wanted to charge shit tons of money and build a entire company around it. At some point you hit max feature set and start having to build tools that dont really have much value or can be developed by any Revit developer not needing to understand the industry or core Fabrication data.


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